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SpriteBox Arcade

SpriteBox is a vehicle to raise funds for a much needed Maker Space in our community. We are currently in phase two of our project and are looking for indie game developers who are interested in pitching ideas for SpriteBox

We believe multi-player interaction and creative innovation are the cornerstones of an excellent gaming experience. SpriteBox offers integrated virtual and personal interaction between players. The tabletop shared screen opens up new opportunities for game design.

Sure, we could load the arcade full of classic games but we want to offer a one-of-a-kind product by harnessing the creative power of local indie developers. We are looking for developers who want to design a game specifically for this system, or have a pre-existing game they could contribute. Our success is your success- a percentage of each cabinet sold will be distributed back to SpriteBox developers.

If you are a developer, we need to hear from you!

If you want a SpriteBox for your home or business, stay tuned and feel free to get in touch anytime.

Happy Gaming!